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"What do you like in a travel companion? For me it's friendly curiosity about other people and places, coupled with useful knowledge and unusual insights. Extra credit for funny. With Ernie witham
at your side, you get it all!"

Jerry Camarillo Dunn, Jr. (Society of American
Travel Writers' gold medal winner and
National Geographic author)

"Ernie Witham is Erma Bombeck With Five O'Clock Shadow."
Chryss Yost — Santa Barbara Independent

“The diversity and good clean fun of Ernie Witham’s humor makes him one of my favorite contributing writers to our Chicken Soup books.”
Jack Canfield — Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

“Ernie Witham is not afraid to poke a little fun at himself—an Everyman with a wonderfully quirky sense of humor. He takes us many unexpected directions. And it's always funny.”
Grace Rachow — Writer, Publisher of the Community of Voices Anthologies

Featured in the
Montecito Journal
and other publications

My Story (and I'm sticking with it)

I was born a long, long time ago in a land far, far away.

I moved to California to become a waiter. Unfortunately, I
spelled it wrong at the job agency and instead became a writer.
It was just one more incident in a life filled with miscalculations
that became known as "Ernie’s World."

Which, coincidentally, is the name of my Montecito Journal and
Santa Ynez Valley Journal humor columns, the name of this
website, and the name of my first book.

Today, utilizing something I call "location humor," (see A Year in
the Life of a "Working" Writer) I am not only
able to write off every trip I take, even if it’s just to the
golf course and back, but I'm also able to write off everything
I eat and drink. Last year alone, my write-offs were more
than quadruple my income. I hope to continue my
writing career even when the IRS throws me in jail.

Seriously (a word I seldom use), I love finding humor
in everyday situations. I love to just sit and watch
people move through this crazy thing we call life. I love
to shop for humor, go out to restaurants for humor,
visit all the picturesque sites in Santa Barbara in
search of humor, and then I like to write it all down
and share it with others.

So please, take a few moments and explore my website, read
some of my stories, spend a few moments with "the
family" and, if you have the time, email me and tell me
what you think and share a funny incident of your own.
I could really some use new material for my humor workshops

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